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Blu-ray Duplication

BluRay Duplication

You Get:

Your video duplicated onto professional quality media
High-quality full color thermal on-disc printing
Our guarantee of full data verification on every disc

Normally 4 - 5 working days for orders 200 discs or less without printed packaging (add 2-3 with printed packaging). Call for a quote, schedule estimate, or rush turn options.

Source Materials
Properly Authored Duplication-ready BD-R master
Art file to our specs (TEMPLATES: Disc EPS PDF / Cover EPS PDF )
Payment (Check/Visa/Master Card)
Short Run Order Form

Art Check Disc
At no additional cost, we can create an art check disc for approval before we duplicate the entire run.



  Bulk discs with full color thermal print BluRay Box
w /Blu-ray Box & printed cover (4/0) *
10 $6.59 N/A
50 4.09 5.48
100 3.79 5.07
200 3.49 4.71
300 3.29 4.41

*Add $0.30/ea for full color on the back of the printed cover (it shows through the inside of the box because Blu-ray boxes are transparent.)

*For Blu-ray box without printed insert, add $0.39/ea to the bulk disc price.

Difference between Replication and Duplication?

More on Duplicated Disc Compatibility

Packaging Options

Sleeves Wallets Hubpaks
    Generic CD and DVD packaging
Generic / Unprinted


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