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Developer's Spec Kits

If you want to send us an order, or just want to be an instant expert, you'll want our Kit.

CD Kit


BluRay Kit
Blu-ray SPEC KIT
(coming soon!)

Artwork Templates

These templates are generic .eps and .pdf files and should be readable by any standard graphic layout program. (note: Internet Explorer sometimes changes the ".eps" suffix to ".ps" when downloading the template file. Just change the .ps back to .eps and e-mail a complaint to Microsoft.)


Standard CD (12CM / 5inch)


Standard DVD (12CM / 5inch)


Standard Blu-ray (12CM / 5inch)

  • Quantity over 500: EPS / PDF
  • Quantity under 500: EPS - PDF
Packaging Options

Packaging (quantity over 500)

Packaging Options  

Packaging (quantity under 500)

Recycle Symbols
Miscellaneous & Useful Information
Free Barcode Need a UPC Bar Code? ...we can help
There are basically two printing methods used in our industry, CMYK Process Printing, and Pantone Spot Color Printing.
There are two basic stocks used in printing, standard C1S and uncoated stock.
Disc art examples   Screenprint? Offset? What will look the best?
Submitting track names to CDDB and CD Text.
Need to upload to our FTP site? our FTP Info
Need help licensing music that you have used in your project? Try SongFile.com
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