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Offset Litho Picture DiscOffset CMYK
"Picture Disc"


If you want a high resolution full color photo realistic image on your replicated discs, this is the process to do it. The print is a visually striking smudge-proof image on the disc. For example, most full color Hollywood DVDs are printed using this process. Call for a sample.

No extra for replication jobs over 1000 discs.

This process is for CMYK based artwork only. The bolder the colors the better. The offset process works best for full color photo based artwork, where none of the CMYK plates would be near 100% color, and is not recommended to obtain uniform colors which cover more than half of the total disc surface. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to forward a PDF or Jpeg of your disc art for evaluation.


Source File
We prefer files created in Illustrator, however, we also accept, Photoshop and InDesign. Be sure to include a proof with your files, (printed hard copy or Templates/JPEG). Only use CMYK process colors; RGB objects will be converted to CMYK which usually results in a color shift. If you need to add a Pantone color, call for details.



Offset Litho disc
Full Color Disc

Still not sure if this process is right for your job? See our Disc Art Example page and call for a sample.

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