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Earth Friendly Options

We are committed to environmentally friendly practices. We use soy based inks, have little or no volatile organic compounds in our standard manufacturing process, and offer loads of Earth friendly recyclable packaging.

What can make the biggest difference, is the type of packaging our clients choose. If you are ready to be a bit kinder to the Planet, choose one of our Earth friendly packaging designs, print it on recycled stock, and sleep better at night.


Paper Stock Options...

We can manufacture most of our sleeves and wallets using these stocks:
<Things to know when using recycled stocks>

standard stock


C1S Virgin New Stock (SBS)
1 side coated bright-white / 1 side uncoated white

For uniformity in color and surface, and structural strength, nothing beats stock made from new virgin fibers. This is the industry standard paper-board stock, and is considered a green solution because it is RECYCLABLE.

This stock has a white coated surface for your full color artwork, with the reverse uncoated side being white. We can also print the uncoated side of the stock, but colors will usually not match the coated side of the stock due to the way inks soak into coated versus uncoated stock.



recycled stock


C1S Recycled Stock
1 side coated white / 1 side uncoated gray-brown

C1S recycled stock has been used for years in the food industry. This stock has a white coated surface for your full color artwork, with the reverse uncoated side ranging from gray to brown color that suggests "I'm recycled". For most designs, the uncoated colored side of the stock only shows through in the spine gutters and insides of pockets.
<sample jobs>

[Because it is unbleached recycled stock, the coated white side is not as white as virgin new stock and is not as smooth. The only finish we recommend for this stock is our standard semi-gloss finish coat. It is not advised to use matte or gloss finishes with this stock.]


chipboard recycled stock


Chipboard Recycled Stock
Both sides uncoated brown

Chipboard has been around for many years and boldly says "I'm recycled!" It is uncoated brown on both sides, sprinkled with tiny bits of ground-up post consumer waste, leaving no doubt that this is a recycled Earth friendly stock.

Because of its rich brown color, inks printed on chipboard become muted and shifted toward brown, so we recommend bold high-contrast graphics and colors. If you want colors to be more accurate, we can lay down spot white background in certain areas, (spot white incurs an additional cost).
<sample jobs>


Alternatives to Plastic Packaging?
...our recyclable eco-friendly sleeves and wallets

Quantity over 500

sleeves / wallets / hubpaks

Quantity under 500

Alternatives to the standard plastic Digi-Tray?

Eco-friendly DigiPaks:
Using materials that are recyclable and biodegradable, we can replace the plastic tray with something that is healthier for the environment. Both CD and DVD height options available. <details>
eco packaging GumballPaks:
An eco-friendly alternative to the DigiPak. The 4mm thick card stock tray provides the structural rigidly without the non-recyclable, fragile plastic tray. <details>
gumballpak eco-tray digipak
Cork Hubs
This is the only hub we have found that is 100% eco-friendly and passes our adhesion and disc holding tests. We can substitute this hub on any of our HubPaks for an extra $0.03/ea
cork hub Foam Hubs
We have been using these hubs for many years and they perform wonderfully. In our experience, these foam hubs do not constitute enough material to prevent the wallet from being recycled.
Self-adhesive Foam hub: $.09/ea
(1,000 minimum, available in black or white) <details>
foam hub

Alternative to Shrinkwrap?

...The Fiber Wafer Seal

fiber wafer seal
<show detail>

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