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Replicated CDs

Over 30 years old and the Compact Disc is still the standard for distributing audio or computer files on physical media.

Shop wisely
- There can be a vast difference in product quality from one disc manufacturer to another.
Many people go with the lowest bid for their project, only to find their discs don't perform as well as they should due to unacceptable optical disc manufacturing tolerances.

Our CD manufacturing facilities are licensed and certified. To maintain the production level our clients expect, we only partner with manufacturing facilities that share our level of standards and commitment to quality.

We stand behind our work. If our work does not meet the order specifications, we will do it right at no additional cost to you.

CD replication and duplication


disc master   Source Materials
DATA: Properly Premastered Production Ready Disc
ART: Files to our specs.
(Download our CD Kit for specs & tips, templates)

CD replication turnaround   Turnaround <discs only>
Usually 7-8 working days from receipt of all production ready materials and approval of art proof. If we are printing packaging for your order, turnaround may be longer. Call for a schedule estimate or rush turn options.
CD art file   Disc Art
Our prices include up to 5 colors screen or offset printed onto the discs. Reference our Kit and download the art template. See our Disc Art Examples page for tips to help your discs look their best.

CD Replication Pricing

The following prices include the mastering fee and manufacturing of your discs with up to 5 colors screen or offset printed onto the discs:

See our Packaging Options Page for a vast array of choices.

Shipping & individual packaging are extra. All prices reflect a 2% discount for payment with check and are subject to change. Discs without packaging are shipped bulk.

Underage/Overage Allowance: Discs shipped can vary 5% under or over the ordered quantity.<more>

Bulk CD
Quantity $/disc
1,000 0.49
2,000 0.39
3,000 0.34
5,000 0.29
10,000 0.24
20,000 call


650MB is the limit for CD spec compliant discs, however, we can squeeze up to 700MB onto the discs. -Call for details

Essential info to know about Audio CD Track Titles.

Replication vs Duplication?


Popular CD Packages
(CDs with up to 5 colors & packaging)
paper envelope
2 panel printed cardboard sleeve
Jewel Case
amaray style dvd box
cd wallet
CD hubpak
  Quantity Paper
2 panel
Jewel case
w/ inserts*
DVD box w/ cover only
4 panel
4 panel

Source materials: CD-R & art files to our specs.
Polywrap and shipping are extra.
* Jewel case inserts quoted as 2-panel 4/K with traycard 4/0.

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