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Helping Musicians reach their audience
Professional disc manufacturing at affordable pricing
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Variety of Packaging Options
Cost Effective
2 Panel Sleeve
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4 Panel Wallet
Custom Packaging
and Special Effects
The Compact Disc is still the standard for distributing Music on physical media.

Through our web site you can:
  • Get instant pricing for CDs into all standard packaging
  • Layout your disc and packaging artwork or upload your print-ready art files
  • Upload your individual CD tracks or your production-ready mastered CD image
  • Manage and archive your albums for easy reorders


Capacity: 74 minutes of audio / 681,984,000 bytes of data

CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs are the same physical size, so use an appropriate logo to avoid confusion.

"Replication" ...molding discs from a glass master (best for large orders)

"Duplication" ...burning discs using blank recordable media (best for small orders)
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