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We offer high quality CD, DVD, and Blu-ray replication / duplication, a vast selection of packaging options, with first rate service at competitive pricing.

Servicing this industry since '94, we bring in-depth experience to help your project achieve its goals while making the process easy for you.




We work hard to maintain the level of excellence our clients expect. The following is a small sampling of our 20+ years of service.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb
Deloitte & Touche
DuPont Merck
US Navy
Farmers Insurance
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Fred Meyer
General Electric
Gerber Blades
Hewlett Packard
Honda / Acura
Interop/US Department of Defense
John Deere
LaCie Ltd.
Laika House
McCormick Food Products
Merrill Lynch

Monterey Bay Aquarium
NASA AMES Research Center
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry)
Radical Media
Screen Actors Guild
Sierra Club-Oregon
Simon & Schuster
Sirius Satellite Radio
Speedo Swimwear
Stanford University
State of Oregon
Sun Microsystems
Sundance Channel
Universities of: AK, CA Davis, CA L.A., IA,
US Air Force
US Geological Survey/Dept. of Interior
Vatican Museum
Violent Femmes
Wacom Technology
Western Family Foods

Our clients say the nicest things...

It was a joy to work with Bullseye Disc on the DVD for our global release of Queen of the Sun and SEED: The Untold Story. Curtis and his team were responsive, discerning, flexible, and held every aspect of the DVD production and replication process to a high standard. The finished products are gorgeous and our audience loves them!

-Jon Betz / Collective Eye Films

We have worked with Bullseye for disc authoring and replication for more than ten years and have been consistently impressed with their customer service and the quality and speed of their work. Where other disc-production houses are often corporate and hard-to-reach, Bullseye offers personalized support and guidance, fast turn-around and competitive pricing. -Caitlin Boyle / Film Sprout

Thanks to you and your team for doing such amazing work and being so collaborative! I've never been more pleased with the educational DVD you authored and replicated for me on time and might I say on budget. It looks and plays beautifully! -Harry Lessinger

Just wanted to let you know that I received the CDs today. Ummm, I have to say they turned out even better than I anticipated. They are fantastic! Thank you for your time, effort and transparency. It could NOT have gone better. BullseyeDisc RULES. And you absolutely will be seeing return business from me! -Pete Ekstam

Many thanks for a fantastic job. Just received shipment today and they look great! I couldn't image better service or any better results. -Fred Schwoebel

I got the DigiPaks here in Jamaica over the weekend. I absolutely LOVE how they look, so I just wanted to say great job & thank you for every effort you made to get them done and sent off for me as quickly as you did. -Edward Collins

I mean frickin', kick butt WOW!!!! Happy camper here folks, very happy camper! Exceeded my expectations by a long shot: very glossy, good colors, feels good to hold, folds nicely, perfect DVD. In a word: "classy", and that was the whole point! Pretty much a complete "Bingo" working with you Bullseye. Wait till the wife sees this... THANKS for the fabulous work. Future Repeat Customer. -Jed Malitz

The disks and USBs LOOK FANTASTIC!!! And they play fine too, which I guess is a bit more important. ;) -Dee Dreslough

Great! thanks so much! You guys always pull through no matter how chaotic the timelines are. We appreciate it. -Adam Lindgren

OMG! They look amazing!!! THANK YOU!!!! -Claire Campbell

As independent producers, we find ourselves with too much to do without enough help. Enter BullseyeDisc. They took the workload of authoring and replicating our DVDs and came through with a top quality product that fit into our modest budget. They were infinitely patient, and with their help, our film production team was able to meet our deadlines with minimal effort. -Patti Lee & Jennifer Arnold

Thanks, you and your staff are real professionals. It's a pleasure doing business. -Meredith Vezina

I plan to continue using BullseyeDisc for future projects and will recommend you to other filmmakers I know. -Danny Ledonne

It is FABULOUS!! Thank you so much!!! -Jodi Shays

I wanted to thank you and your company for the excellent service, speed of completion and quality of work we received- everyone is very pleased with the DVDs! -Daniel Born

I have to tell you, your attention to customer service is outstanding. I will recommend you to all that I can. Your following up and keeping us informed says it all. Above and beyond. Thank you again. -Tracey Ward

The friendly and knowledgeable folks at Bullseyedisc help take the guess work out of CD and DVD manufacturing. You might be able to find a company who will your job for a tiny bit less, but to that I say, you get what you pay for. We are extremely pleased with the service Bullseyedisc has provided us and recommend them highly. -Andrew Migliore

The DVDs arrived today.... right on time!!! I cannot thank you enough for making this happen. -Jennifer Galvin

What a great company. I am really happy we found you. (Was probably a result of googling.) I very much appreciate the great prices, quality and level of service you provided us over several orders. Bullseye's people have been great to deal with. Fast, thorough and friendly. So, thanks to you and your wonderful team! -Jen Bradwell

The world is filled with people who have large dreams. Not many of them achieve them, but thanks to bullseye, I was able to reach my dreams...and exceed them!

In 2001, I began filming a small documentary about people who used computers to connect to each other before the Internet took over and became the dominant way to be online. This project, called "BBS: The Documentary", ended up taking me three years to film and a year to edit. It was also seven hours of material!

With no direct experience in making DVDs or what went into them, I contacted Bullseye on the advice of other satisfied customers, who told me they would help me bring this project to physical reality. And did they! When I decided the whole thing should be on three DVDs with custom packaging, Shelby and Curtis at Bullseye gave me their developer packs, templates, and many phone calls of advice as I acquired artwork, photos and designs to use.

Bear in mind, I was a complete first-time DVD producer; I was learning everything as I went, but kept trying to stretch everything to the limit in terms of content and features for my eventual customers. I had easter eggs, commentary tracks, subtitles, and even a DVD-ROM section with photographs from the production. Bullseye walked me through where I neded help, and helped me where I needed assurance.

Their prices were excellent, their communication was world-class, and for a person who had no "industry" knowledge or background to work from, they were both kind and forgiving of my bizzare terminology and personality.

The finished product has been on the market for a number of months and has already made back both production and duplication costs; I have recieved hundreds of letters complimenting me on the production and the packaging, but I know who made the difference... and you do too.

-Jason Scott

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